ANLARR club declares carrying out of remote business game «ANLARR 2011». Game «ANLARR 2011» continues tradition of annually spent business games of the project ANLARR. In 2008 year the first business game "the Postindustrial state ANLARR" has taken place. In 2009 year ANLARR project spent game «ANLARR - Territory of Owners». In 2010 year game «ANLARR 2010» was spent. Combining experience and all previous games spent by the project ANLARR, business game «ANLARR 2011» is added and improved and according to the wishes stated by participants of the previous games..

Business game «ANLARR 2011» consists of two parts:


Educational part: training at ANLARR School Netokratov

The educational part of game «ANLARR 2011» is possibility to be trained under the program of a course of the first or second steps of School Netokratov ANLARR. ANLARR school Netokratov trains in a technique of creation of successful postindustrial business. Owners successful postindustrial business in School Netokratov terminology are called Netokrats.

The first step of School Netokratov ANLARR is a training to skills of transition from a status «the hired worker» to the status "businessman". The theoretical course of lectures containing set of practical exercises helps to get rid the negative base installations stirring abilities to be engaged by enterprise activity.

The second step of School Netokratov ANLARR is a training to skills of successful enterprise activity by a method of creation of Rezidentno-network Structure. Training at this step is recommended only for those who has already chosen a subject of the enterprise activity. In the course of training the theory and practice of use of the modern information technologies promoting decrease of costs in enterprise activity is offered. For practical application the unique technologies created by the project ANLARR are offered to use.

For those who in the course of training at ANLARR School Netokratov realises the impreparation to perception of materials of a course of the first and second steps, the preparatory course, called "Cyberpunk" is provided. The Preparatory course "Cyberpunk" - intends first of all for those who in the future plans creation of own postindustrial business, but in a present situation is compelled to remain the hired worker. The technique of "Cyberpunk" in the game form allows to define emotional preferences and by means of it to be defined with a subject of the enterprise activity, capable to replace a current place of job.

The fact of successful training under the program of the first step of School Netokratov ANLARR is an ability to create the own project, concerning enterprise activity through the Internet. Training in the game form does not assume presence of examinations.

The fact of successful mastering of a course of the second step of School Netokratov ANLARR is only the total result - the fact of creation own Resident the Network Structure, consisting a minimum from 100 partners and the fact of reception of stable monthly profit.

The fact of successful training in the Cyberpunk, is emotional enthusiasm and idea occurrence about creation of the own project directed on increase of material welfare.


Entertaining part: Planning and designing of the future

As entertainment, to participants of game «ANLARR 2011» is offered to reflect on possible variants of succession of events of the near future during the period with 2011 on 2061 year. At the heart of a subject line of events the analytical forecast made by leading experts of the present is offered, including the forecast made by E.V.Gilbo is used. To participants of game «ANLARR 2011» is offered to estimate adequacy of forecasts of experts-analysts and possibility to influence a subject line is given, creating the characters and the events. Possibilities for formation of alternative scenarios of succession of events are given. Result of game is calculation of the estimations displaying adequacy of offered events and revealing of winners.

Obligatory condition for participation in game «ANLARR 2011» is presence of the Internet and the status of a member of Club of ANLARR giving passwords of access to game.

The password is a protection frame of data from not authorised access to game.

Game «ANLARR 2011» it is not simple game. The activity begun in game «2011» can be materialised ANLARR, having continued it after the game termination in ANLARR Club. For acquisition of possibility of participation in game, it is necessary to be registered:


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